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Thread: Third Honk, November '08 Feature Car

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    Third Honk, November '08 Feature Car

    Member Name: Third Honk

    Real Name (first name only is fine): Jeremy

    Description of your car: 2003 Mustang GT

    Location: Oklahoma City

    Occupation/School: Owner Health and Conditioning Systems LLC; part time Professor

    What is your main use for the car now: A hobby and it's my foundation for how I would build a high end performance car targeted for enthusiasts (basically I want to see if I can do what SVT, SRT, ///M and others do to cars.)

    What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: Continue to have fun with it and enter it in shows with my company information on it.

    How did you get into cars: I visited the Dallas Street Races when I was 15 and was absolutely hooked from then on.

    Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: The SRT8 and M3. If I can bring the mustang up to their level in every aspect I'll have met my goal.

    Add a short story about anything to do with your participation in the hobby or your car here: Basically growing up I was into performance cars but didn't have parents who bought me one like my friends did. Going through school and sacrificing it was always cars in the back of my mind to help me keep going. Now that I have nice cars I appreciate them everyday. You'll see me out in the garage every weekend whether it's 100+ degree's or - 32 degree's spending at least 6-8 hours detailing them.

    Power Adder:
    Vortech T-Trim Supercharger with 3.125" pulley
    Treadstone FMIC
    MPH Powerpipe

    Modular Powerhouse Custom Blower Cams
    A freak stock shortblock from Ford that refuses to die (I think my wife may have used her witch craft to put a curse on it so I don't spend more money)

    90mm Mass Air
    42lb injectors
    Focus Fuel Pump
    Kenne Bell BAP
    SCT Xcal2 (Tuned By Modular Powerhouse),

    Accufab 75mm TB/Matching Plenum

    BBK Ceramic Long Tube Headers
    MAC O/R Prochamber
    Magnaflow Catback

    Ford upgraded Tremec 3650
    MGW "Orange" Shifter
    Centerforce Clutch
    3:55 gears

    Cobra Brakes

    Bilstein Shocks/Struts
    H&R Super Sport Springs
    MM Full Length Subframes
    MM CC plates

    NAV + DVD etc.
    Autometer Boost, Fuel Pressure and AEM wideband

    • ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class: 487 rwhp and 431 ft/lb

    Purchase: Approximate date. Is there a story behind the purchase? Was it your "dream car"? Originally was going to buy an 03 Cobra but found several credit problems that weren't mine right when I was going to purchase a white one and the deal fell through. My mother in law was traiding her True Blue GT in on an 05 and the dealer was giving her next to nothing for her trade in so I said I'll give you next to nothing + a thousand dollars. She bit and now with all my mods I have the same amount in the car as that stock used 03 Cobra would have cost me. Still love the Cobra's though.

    Future plans with this car or with another one: Get a built motor. How this one has survived through all the mods is beyond me but is a testament at how good the guys at modular powerhouse really are. Once I get a built motor I'll get a bigger crank pulley and rev it to the moon. Can't wait to see what the T-Trim does when it kind wind up and scream.

    Your thanks: Baron, AaronGT, Stangfather, Po Po 5.0, Rex Schuler, SncBlueGT, Luke (Kenny), Jim at SWtuning, the old crew at Oklahoma Performance, Oklahoma High Performance Polishing, Sean at Oklahoma Bodyworks and DH in general.

    The best people on this earth are car enthusiasts
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    your welcome man congrats, let me know when you want to hammer on it again, i'll be there

    i spray at stoplights

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    congrats jeremy! Ive seen this car progress over the last couple of years and am truly impressed with what youve done with it. I can remember just like it was yesterday when I could actually beat u!!!! Those times are long gone..... looks like I need to up my boost and try and keep up with your ass!!!!!! Just imagine what your numbers could be if u had my shortblock!!!!!!

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    Grats man! Sweet ride!
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    Congrats J!! Your car is Super nice!
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    Congrats..your car is badass...
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    Pretty nice ride.

    Its the fact that I can give you 10 cars, the break, start in second gear, and STILL come around you on the big end so fast your paint would get sucked off the car like a shamwow on a coke stained carpet...and thats with the FORD motor

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    Pretty fly for a white guy.
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    Thanks everyone

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    looks good Jeremy as always.

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    Love that car man! Hands down one of the most tasteful SN95's Ive seen!
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    Beautiful car Jeremy. Congrats man.

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    Very nice! Congrats!

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    Sick Ride, man!

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    Too much grass.

    Congrats on the ROTM.
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    needs more 3v

    congrats man car looks great

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    Nice ride man. Congrats

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    Congrats man! Looks great as always!
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