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Yes, this would be where you can blog about your personal stuff.
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  1. AaronGT's Avatar
    I love blogging.
  2. 87SaleenTU's Avatar
    Hate the new deadhorse....ok it's getting better!
    Updated 12-05-2009 at 03:54 PM by 87SaleenTU
  3. cyclical's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 87SaleenTU
    Hate the new deadhorse
    Good for you.
  4. logan_tefteller's Avatar
    this it kinda cool...
  5. DEEZ-67's Avatar
    i'm not really sure how to blog

    <--- rookie
  6. JrSVT's Avatar
    I blog at least twice a day....sometimes more. I'm going to have to start using cheaper toilet paper if I blog too much though.